Is It Possible To Settle An Lld?

While your Long Term Rental Agreement has not yet come to an end, you decide for one reason or another to stop it. Can you, and if so, how?

The Long Term Rental Agreement ends, but by deciding to settle it, you choose to complete it before. To complete your Long Term Rental before its end, and on your initiative, three situations may arise.

You can agree with your rental company. You will pay him compensation based on the number of months left to run. Added to this is the allowance for excess kilometers, as well as any repair costs.

You can decide on your own to put an end to the Long Term Rental. You must notify your renter, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, at least 60 days before the date of return of the vehicle, then you must pay the compensation mentioned above.

 Attention To The General Condition Of The Vehicle And The Kilometers Traveled

If you wish, you can sell the vehicle to finance the financing jointly. If the amount of the sale covers the early repayment indemnity, the buyer will issue a bank check of the amount of compensation to your rental company, and the excess will be paid with another check. Otherwise, you will have to make a bank check complementary to the payment made by the buyer to your renter.

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