Why Patients Using a Local Abortion Clinic in Sydney Don’t Need To Panic


It is understandable for women attending an abortion clinic in Sydney to be fearful and ridden with anxiety when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Amid all of the concerns that come to fruition, there are doubts about what should happen next, who should be privy to the information and what is involved in any potential procedure.

With the experience and expertise of professional doctors in this environment, these fears should be put to rest.

Here we will detail exactly why patients do not need to panic when they are visiting a local abortion clinic in Sydney.


Procedures Are Safe For Women

The most important detail for women attending an abortion clinic in Sydney is that the procedures that are offered for patients are safe. From the Inner West and Northern Beaches to the South-West and Eastern Suburbs, barely a handful of cases have ever been documented where complications have occurred in the aftermath of a procedure. There is no link between these matters and future fertility, so any rumours or speculation on that subject can be regarded as unsubstantiated and unfounded.


Patients Are Given Time To Decide

Whilst the procedure for a first term trimester termination is relatively quick to be conducted within the space of 75-90 minutes in total from start to finish, women are afforded time to make a decision when visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney. It is only late into the second trimester beyond the 20-24 week mark where added complications begin to occur. There are various options that are placed on the table for an unplanned pregnancy, including carrying the child to term as a single parent, as a couple, offering the child up for adoption or progressing with a termination. This is a matter that clearly cannot be rushed.


Doctors Work Within Confines Of The Law

Given that the NSW Government have officially listed these practices as ‘illegal’, there are fears and anxieties about the repercussions for patients visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney. Despite these laws operating for a number of decades that are behind all other states and territories in Australia, there are key provisions that ensures no one is placed in any sort of legal jeopardy. So long as the doctor can rightfully justify a termination based on any physical, mental or social conditions, then there is no need to be fearing prosecution.


Ongoing Assessments and Education is Provided

A typical procedure can be carried out inside a timeframe of 5-10 minutes when booking in for a termination at an abortion clinic in Sydney. There will be medicine offered to assist with any cramping and discomfort experienced in the coming hours, but there will be a need to remain in the recovery room for general monitoring for approximately 60 minutes. These measures are necessary to ensure that any procedure was a success without any complications experienced, as well as to offer the patient some further education on the subject. They will be given a chance to assess various medicines that can be taken either via script or over the counter. If they need to ask any questions about reproductive health matters, the doctors will be happy to oblige to alleviate any doubts and questions.


Involvement of Loved Ones Encouraged

Arguably the worst element for patients visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney is the feeling that they have to undertake the task alone and in complete isolation from friends and family. That is simply not the case in these circumstances. The right to privacy is well and truly respected and women can complete an appointment off their own accord, but the inclusion of a partner, close friend or family member is also encouraged. They won’t have the same level of medical expertise or be able to make a decision on their behalf, but their presence can be reassuring and allay any panic that can set in during these times.