TDL: Who Must Ensure The Vehicle?

Vehicle purchased by an establishment that rents it to you, you are not the owner, but all vehicles must be insured; Who will have to ensure the car?

Unlike the Lease with Purchase Option contract, maintenance, assistance and auto insurance are services included in most Lease Agreements. It is most often the renter who offers with the contract the insurance he has negotiated on his side.

As a renter, it’s not your loyalty to ensure the vehicle; the monthly rent includes the amount of this service. However, since insurance accounts for almost a third of the monthly rent, this is an optional service, and you can opt for the guarantee offered by your insurer. Before choosing, compare prices, everything is negotiable with the provider.

The Management Of Claims Management, The Little Extra Of The Renter

The center can offer you as service the support of the claims management which you can subscribe even by keeping your insurer. In case of an accident, you will be helped to complete the report or find a garage, and the lower will take care of the rest: expert, replacement vehicle, billing of the parking, reimbursement by the insurance, raise once the car repaired. You will have very little to do.

Your renter can offer you in addition to the all-risk cover included in the contract, other optional guarantees that may cover effects, personal items, and accessories, professional equipment, transported goods, etc. They may sometimes be included in the price of the base.